West Coast Swing Festival in Southern France

May 1st-4th, 2020


General Rules


Competitions are open to all the attendees that have bought any Pass of any level. In the categories that we're offering, dances will be judged on improvisation, fun, teamwork, musicality...  Entrance fee per person & per competition : 5 € if you pre-register online on www.savemeadance.com until April 20th / 10€ after April 20th and on the spot.




>> Jack'n'Jill "Explorer" ( Prelims Friday Night & Finals Sunday Night)

The idea is to allow dancers that aren't used to do Jack'n'Jills to explore this concept and discover this type of competition, surrounded by dancers with a relatively similar experience. Dancers that are signed up in the levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 of our event will be able to dance with people that only signed up for these workshop levels too, so that everybody can have a chance! Partners and musics are randomly picked right before dancing. Prelims will happen Friday during the dance party, and Finals on Sunday night, followed by Awards with trophies and passes to other events, to continue to learn and progress.

>> Jack'n'Jill Open "Survivor" (Prelims Friday Night & Finals Sunday Night)

All levels are allowed in this competition! Partner and musics are randomly picked just before dancing. Prelims will happen Friday night during the party. Finals will happen Sunday in a "spotlight" format with challenges in the "Survivor" style for each couple : if the couple succeed in that challenge, they will get extra points, added to dance score, to create a good show and some fun! Pass & Trophies to win.


Thanks to our partners for the Passes :

☼ Med in Swing - Ile des Embiez
☼ Avignon City Swing (WSDC Registry Event)
☼ Korean Open (WSDC Registry Event)
☼ Genoa Sea Fest
And more to come...