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West Coast Swing Festival in Southern France
May 5th-8th, 2023

Registrations & Prices

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Click on the button below to start your registration

Postponement 2020 & 2021 - COVID - Procedure :

1. Log in onto your SaveMeaDance account, the same one used to pay your registration for 2020 or 2021

2. Proceed normally to your registration, as if it were a new one : you can choose the levels and options that you prefer, there's no obligation to follow the same levels as initially chosen.

3. At the payment page, the amount that you have previously paid will automatically be deducted from your new registration, and if you want to add extra options, you will only have to pay for the extras.

=> Note : The paid amounts are linked to the Savemeadance account of the person that had made the registration in 2020 or 2021.Therefore, if a person had paid for several others, all the paid amounts have been transferred on their account.

Warning : There won't be any solo party entries!

Saturday Night Theme Party : "Sun of a Beach"

Come dressed up for our Saturday Night Party : Anything related to sea, sun, under or above the water, whether it's an animal, an object, an activity or any outfit related to the beach, water sports... Choose whatever inspires you!

Conditions G

General Conditions of Registrations

To make the registration process easier, Med in Swing organized a partnership with, a website dedicated to dance event management, that will be able to give you informations and updates related to your registrations in a short amount of time. Thanks to this process Credit/Debit Card in 1 or 2 installments are available : Choose the most convenient for you and click on the button below to start your registration!

To have a better control over role balance and level, we're using a system of automatic waiting list for people signing up alone or levels upon selection : don't worry, we are checking on the registrations often and are validating attendees as fast as possible. Your registration is only taken into consideration when we receive your payment : that means that attendees that are up to date with their payment have a priority in the waiting list. In the case that we would not be able to confirm your registration, you would receive a full refund of the amount paid.

Refunds requested by attendees are only possible in the eventuality of a major force and providing a justification (doctor's note if injury, employer's note...). Any refund request must be presented at least 48 hours prior to the event. After that time, we will not accept any refund whatever the motive could be. It is possible to cease or resell your pass if you cannot make it to the event, by informing Savemeadance of the modification.

If you have signed up for the 2020 or 2021 edition that have been postponed because of the Covid Restrictions but are no longer able to make it, 2 options are available :

1. Until the event date : you can resell your pass to another attendee. You will just have to give us the name of the person replacing you so that we can make the switch on the registration list. You then can arrange directly with this person for your payment.
2. After the event is over :  If you have not found another taker for your pass, you can move it to our 2023 Edition.

All your payment and bill requests must be addressed to Savemeadance in your registration form (comment area).

You can also sign up for competitions online (recomanded) in order to make the registration process faster and take advantage of the pre-registration online discount.

For the Competition Program, click here

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