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West Coast Swing Festival in Southern France
May 5th-8th, 2023

Workshop Organization

Our philosophy & our system

Note that the schedule is subject to modifications and that in the case that numbers wouldn't be sufficient in certain levels, the organization reserves the right to modify and/or merge levels based on the event's needs. Make sure to check regularly the website to verify possible updates, even though our intent is to do our best to maintain the provisional schedule and the levels described below.
The quality of the workshops, your pleasure and learning comfort is at the center of our attention when deciding our to run classes. Here are the principles we're following :


        1. Role Balance Leader-Follower

It is our goal to try to reach a role balance in the workshop, as much as possible. Therefore, solo registrations are going on waiting list and are only confirmed when we receive a registration of the opposite role in the SAME LEVEL. Couples Registration  guarantees you to have a spot at our event immediately, except for levels "Upon Selection". If you wish to participate in some levels as a Leader and some other as a follower, please write it in the comment area of your registration and/or contact Savemeadance.

        2. Level's Choice + 2 levels upon Selection
Please register in the level matching your experience (ask for advice to your teacher if needed). 7 levels are available, included 2 levels dedicated to Intermediate and Advanced/All Star for which you will need to wait for approval for us to make sure of the dancer's level (see details at the bottom of this page).

Private Classes

As an Event attendee, you have the possibility to take privates with the Main Instructors of the Event, as well as Partner Teachers. Check with them directly to book a time slot during the available time of the Ballrooms, or check with for extra possible locations in the Resort on the Island (Gym, Apartments...)


Workshop Levels

Note that the schedule is subject to modification and that in case some levels don’t have enough registrations, the organization reserve the right to modify and/or merge some levels based on the need of the event. Check regularly the website to confirm any Update, even though we will try to maintain the original schedule and the levels below as much as possible.


I want to take advantage of Med in Swing to discover West Coast Swing. 2h of FREE initiation will be offered on Friday night from 8:30pm to 10:30pm. Even if I had done other forms of dances, this level is for me if it's the 1st time that I'm taking a WCSwing workshop or if I have very little experience. I can also join this class to review my basics or learn the opposite role (online pre registration mandatory to handle role balance and attendance).

>> Level 1 : PROJECT SWING +

For dancers that have done already 1 or a few initiations and wanting to dig a little deeper than their basics. You will learn a few extra patterns to have during parties and will learn more about connections.

>> Level 2 : Initiated

I dance West Coast Swing for about 1 to 2 years, I know my basic patterns and attend workshops and dance parties as much as possible. I am able to social dance but I am not yet totally comfortable with every music genres, connections or with more complex patterns.

>> Level 3 : Intermediate

I dance WCS for several years and I attend events and dance parties as soon as I have any free time, on the side of my weekly classes. I am very comfortable with my basics but also more complex notions (connection, rock'n'go...). I am starting to play with the music but I would like to be more comfortable.


>> Level 4 : Advanced

I dance WCS for many years and/or extremely often. I attend workshops and parties regularly on the side of my weekly classes, and my overall practice per week includes several hours all activities together (classes, parties, individual practice…). I am comfortable with my basics but also with more complex notions and variations. I know musical structure (Phrasing, Pulsing, Accents…) and I am beginning to put it into my social dancing.


>> Level 5 : Confirmed - Possible Competitors (Novice WSDC)

WCS is my main dance and I can't spend a week without my dose! I travel all over the place to attend international events and possibly compete. I am open to anything that can help me progress (technique, drills...) and would like to dance on more complex musics (slow or fast songs). I am possibly sometimes involved in performances, teach locally and I am invested in the growth of my local community. I have no barrier in my learning (pure technique as well as power moves, drops, etc).

>> Level 6 : Perfectioning - Intermediate WSDC or upon selection for Novice WSDC (with points)*

I am very active in the West Coast Swing community, locally as well as internationally. I probably teach locally on occasion or regularly.  I am comfortable with my dancing and I am starting to find my own style but I need help to create my own identity and get to the next level. I have already performed, but I am not fully comfortable in front of an audience and I need to work on my expression, contrast, creating with my partner and the visual aspect of my dance/quality of movement.


>> Level 7 - Advanced/All Star WSDC or upon selection for Inter WSDC (with points)*

I am an Advanced or All Star WSDC Competitor (possible High Intermediate WSDC upon selection and based on available spots) and/or performer and/or teacher nationally or internationally. On the side of my social dance, I travel often to attend events, intensives, competitions... I want to understand WCS in depth and know what judges expect from me based on my division. I am familiar with Pulsing, Phrasing, Rolling Count, Acceleration-Deceleration, control of body weight transfers… and I have no limitation in my learning.

To sign up, click here.
To see the Schedule, click here.


* The "Selection" process only concerns people that are very close to move to the next division (less than 5 points away) and/or would follow AT LEAST 2 levels of workshop : the level that you qualify for + the level above that you're asking to follow as an exception. Your registration will automatically place you on waiting list until approval by the Organization team : understand that the dancers qualifying directly for a level have a priority and that you will have to wait until we get close to the event, based on available spots and well as overall level to receive a final confirmation in this level. In case we were not able to grant you access to the requested level, you will be able to join the level below.
In the "comment" area of your registration form, specify the name of the teacher supporting your petition process we will contact them to know your level. If you already know Bret & Joëlle, or after getting a feedback from your local instructor, you will receive an email confirming our answer.

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